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Our Manufacturers
High-Performance Microwave & RF Cable Assemblies
Custom Interconnect Solutions
Build-to-Print Cables
Test and Measurement Products
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Blind mate connectors, threaded connectors
Hermetic products including packages and feedthru’s
Space qualified cable assemblies, connectors, and hermetic components
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Precision frequency and spectrum control solutions: RF, microwave, and mmwave filters; cavity, crystal, ceramic, lumped element (LC) and switched filters; high performance and high frequency OCXOs, integrated PLL OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, low jitter and harsh environment oscillators and clocks; crystal resonators, Integrated Microwave Assemblies.
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Frequency Controlled Products and Filters Solutions for Defense, Aerospace, and Commercial. OCXO’s, TCXO’s, VCXO’s, XO’s, and Crystals up to 1.4 GHz. LC, Crystal & Cavity Filters up to 40 GHz
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Solid State Switches, Attenuators, Limiters, Detectors, Phase shifters, Custom Microwave Sub-assemblies
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Solid State Switches
Phase shifters
Custom Microwave Sub-Assemblies
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High Voltage Cables/Connectors
High Voltage Wire
High Voltage Hermetic Connectors,
Hi-Rel Custom Interconnects Spark Gaps
Mica Capacitors
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Custom Hi Rel Packaged Assemblies,
RF Gain Blocks
GaN Power Amplifiers
MCM's Upscreening
RF Testing
Reliability Qual Services
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Coaxial Switches
RF Switch Matrices
Electromechanical Relays
Military Solid State Relays
Active RF Switches
Custom Solutions
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Amplifiers, LNA
Down Converters
Wideband Transceivers
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Combiners, Coaxial
Directional Couplers, Coaxial
Dividers, Coaxial
Hybrids, Coaxial
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Compact, High Speed Fiber Optic Transceivers, Removable Multi-Fiber Connectors (RVCON), Fiber Protection Products for Ferrules.
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